Comprehensive Dentistry

Reliable Comprehensive Dentistry in Sappington

Comprehensive Dentistry

Everyone in your family, regardless of age, will benefit from regular dental care. Having a family dentist who can provide care for your entire family, from youngest to oldest, can be very beneficial.

John G’Sell, DDS, MAGD and his team provide attentive, personalized dental care for families across St. Louis and the surrounding communities. You can expect us to deliver thorough, reliable, and age-appropriate family dental care. Visit us today to experience how exceptional dentistry can make a difference for you and your family!

What is Comprehensive Dentistry?

The practice of Comprehensive Dentistry is very similar to general dentistry, but with a few key differences. Both types of dentistry focus on oral hygiene and keeping your teeth and smile healthy. However, not all general dentists treat patients under the age of 16, while a family dentist will treat patients of all ages, including young children and the elderly. A family dentist is a general dentist who offers services to all ages, including:
  • Regular cleanings
  • Cavity identification and fillings
  • Preventive treatments like fluoride and sealants
  • Treatments for gum disease
  • Orthodontics

These services are provided in a caring and patient manner to develop positive experiences for young dental patients, which helps to avoid the fear of going to the dentist. This gentle approach allows children to form good feelings about the dentist. It also builds a foundation for good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Visiting a Comprehensive Dentistry

Today’s families have a lot going on. Between parents working and children participating in school, sports, and other activities, finding time to fit in going to the dentist can become a chore. You’d often have to seek care from multiple dentists because some general dentists only treat adults, while others, like pediatric dentists, may only treat children. Having to schedule appointments with different dentists can make it difficult for families to get the essential dental care they need.

How Dental Needs Change with Age

Just as your health needs will change throughout your life, your family’s dental needs will also change at every life stage. A family dentist educates patients on proper oral health care that takes their specific age and circumstances into account.

Dr. G’Sell can provide oral care and advice for everything from teaching a toddler how to properly brush to teaching an elderly parent how to care for their dentures.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit: What to Expect

Your child’s first dental visit is an important step for their lifetime of good oral health. Their first visit will revolve around meeting the dentist in a friendly, non-threatening way. This visit is often a short one and usually involves very little treatment. This exam will typically include:
  • Checking your child’s teeth for signs of decay
  • Examining your child’s bite
  • Looking for potential issues with your child’s gums, jaw, and oral tissues
  • Assessing the need for fluoride
We recommend that children visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth coming in or by their first birthday. An early start with dental care can help detect oral issues so that the dentist and parents can do what is needed to ensure future healthy smiles.

Why Straight Teeth Matter

Having straight teeth is not just a matter of aesthetics, but it certainly helps with ensuring a healthy smile. There are important oral health benefits to having straight teeth. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss to prevent tooth decay. They also help prevent problems with chewing and biting that could otherwise lead to future dental problems.